Nets on the Net: 2/1/2010

Even while the Nets sit at 4-42, this column by Matt Moore at NBA Fanhouse has the potential make you smile: The New Jersey Nets are a near-mathematical lock for the No. 1 spot in the lottery. That only leaves them with a 25 percent chance of landing Wall, but that’s still a better chance than any other team in the league will have. So let’s say the Nets do in fact land Wall, which makes Devin Harris superfluous. The Nets will then have one of the best players to come out of college in the last five years (some consider him the best), oodles and oodles of cap space, a starting-caliber point guard to trade, and cap room beyond belief. The Nets will likely be in New Jersey until 2012, when they will move to the new Barclays center in Brooklyn, making it instantly one of the most marketable teams in the league. You’re seeing this, because you saw it when you read the headline.

This has been a tough few weeks for Chris Doulgas-Roberts and a roller coaster of a season. And while NAS has jumped on him lately with some criticism, I think you can still safely say the kid loves this game and the recent abuse is killing him. Don’t believe me? Read what he wrote on Twitter after yesterday’s in game in which he curiously played only 14 minutes: @ the lowest point in my career right now.I’m so confused.I put so much into this game.I just…don’t know.It’s hard to stay so tough.

The Nets got a visit from a motivational speaker yesterday. No word on whether or not he lives in a van down by the river.

NetsDaily dissects some recent press clippings about Mikhail Prokhorov.