Nets on the Net: 10/8/10 Edition

After his 23 point performance against the Celtics, Shaquille O’Neal had high praise for Brook Lopez: “Reminds me of … I’m going to go with Tim Duncan,” O’Neal said. “Classy guy. You’ll never hear about him getting in trouble. Great moves, great composure, and you’re really not going to faze him. A couple guys will probably try to rough him up, but that’s not going to faze him. Good player. Good player.”

It was a rough night for Derrick Favors.

Many of the Nets said they missed Lawrence Frank after he was fired last season: “I think the team appreciated him more when he left as you can see,” Terrence Williams said before Thursday’s 96-92 exhibition loss to the Celtics. “We didn’t really like the changes that were going on. We missed him. The team definitely missed him as the season continued.”

Ray Allen is impressed with Anthony Morrow: “The way they played in Golden State, they got the ball up quick, fast and they had a green light to launch the ball,” Allen explained. “He was getting good looks, great looks, and he can shoot the ball. I’ll be (more) impressed when you do it over a career. That stat (leading the league in 3P% as a rookie) will always be there, but over a career, as you change systems a little bit – that’ll be interesting to see.”