25% of NBA fans feel Nets should be relocated, says new BetUS poll

Brooklyn Nets James Harden John Abbamondi
The old Nets logo on the court prior to the game between the Cleveland Cavilers and the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center.
Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to cities that should or shouldn’t have NBA teams, a new BetUS poll is not going to sit well with Nets fans.

A recent poll of 1,000 sports fans found that of the NBA’s 30 franchises, 25% of NBA fans polled felt that the Nets should be relocated. That ranked second highest among NBA franchises.

Among the reasons why, 19% of fans said that the Nets lost their identity after relocating to Brooklyn. The Nets had called New Jersey home for 35 seasons before moving to the newly opened Barclays Center in 2012.

This season they’ve averaged 17,121 fans during 26 homes games, which has put them about in the middle for attendance around the league.

Nets fans can take some solace knowing that the Boston Celtics, who defeated Brooklyn on Tuesday night, finished the highest team that NBA fans felt should move. They garnered 26% of the vote.

The Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets and Chicago Bulls finished below the Nets with 24% of NBA fans saying those organizations should be relocated.

When it came to cities that should have franchises, fans that were polled voted Austin as the most deserving. That was followed by Honolulu and Louisville. Rochester and Hartford also made the top 10 of cities deserving an NBA franchise.