The Nets “Jewish Heritage Night” T-Shirts Have Hebrew Spelling Error (PHOTO) (Update)



How do you say “Bone Goal” in Hebrew?

It’s Jewish Heritage Night Thursday at Barclays Center, and there’s no shortage of celebrations planned: a menorah made of basketballs, a performance by Jewish recording artist Yoni Z, and a Rabbis vs. Youth halftime basketball game. But they might be embarrassed to wear the team’s official Jewish Heritage Night t-shirt.

According to Google Translate and various Hebrew-speaking sources, “מייצג ברוקלין” translates accurately to “Represent Brooklyn,” But the Nets wrote the second word — “Represent” — on the shirt as “גציימ,” which is backwards and unintelligible. (The tweet touting the shirts has since been deleted.)

The t-shirts will be available for sale today at the Nets Shop in Barclays Center.

It’s not clear just how the error occurred. Hebrew is traditionally written right to left, while English runs left to right, which may have caused the hiccup. We’ve reached out in an effort to find out more.

In the meantime, מטרת עצם is the closest approximation I can find for “Bone Goal.” Maybe “Oy Vey” would be more appropriate.

Update: The Nets have fixed the spelling error.