Nets-Hawks Playoffs Around the ‘Net: Does the World Think the Nets Have a Shot?

The Hawks will look to swarm Joe Johnson & the Nets. (AP)
The Hawks will look to swarm Joe Johnson & the Nets. (AP)
The Hawks will look to swarm Joe Johnson & the Nets. (AP)


Some final things to read on Nets-Hawks around the ‘net before things kick off:

  • First and foremost, our coverage: a deep dive into the matchups, our two-part podcast breaking down the series and the NBA at large, and most importantly, the best spoonerized names. Watch out for Melvin Shack. Our pick: Hawks in 5.

  • SB Nation has a great preview that includes analysis and predictions. The two team blogs gave the Nets one win; the four national writers were not so charitable, predicting a Hawks sweep.

  • Speaking of SB Nation team blogs, NetsDaily goes in on how to beat the Hawks. Then picks the Hawks in 5. You see a pattern here.

  • Amid a sea of negativity, a hopeful take on the series. By “hopeful,” I mean he picks Nets in six.

  • CBS’s Zach Harper makes a great point: when the Nets shoot above the league average from 3, they’re 23-13. Below, they’re 15-31. Bogdanovic’s shooting off the bench could be a sneaky key. Also, he picks Hawks in four.

  • Mike Mazzeo of ESPN wonders if this is the last chance for the Nets’ “Big 3” to make an impact.

  • Some odds, courtesy of Bovada: Brook Lopez is 18-1 to lead the first round in scoring, and the team has 120-1 odds to sweep. According to NumberFire, The Hawks have an 80.45 percent chance to win the series, with the most common outcome being Hawks in 5 (27.59 percent).

  • Reminder: Game 1 kicks off at 5:30 P.M. EDT.