Nets get Garnett they traded for in win

It’s just one game, so it’s too soon to say that Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Garnett is “back.” But boy, did Kevin Garnett look good last night. His stat sheet wasn’t eye-popping — eight points, five rebounds, three assists, two steals, and one block in 28 minutes of play — but as the Nets wanted from the 37-year-old forward, his impact went beyond the numbers. Garnett hit a few big midrange shots down the stretch, showcased his classic “goaltend the shot after the foul” move, broadcasted his trademark intensity on both ends of the floor, and talked center Brook Lopez through a rough stretch in the first quarter on the bench.

Garnett also hit shots when the Nets needed it. After the team dealt with a rough third quarter and a double-digit lead cut down to two in the fourth, Garnett played the entire fourth quarter, hitting two jumpers and anchoring the defense with Brook Lopez. On a team that’s lacked a communicator over the last two seasons, Garnett’s got to fill his role and produce a solid effort night in and night out. Saturday night may have been the first time he put that all together in one game.

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