The Nets are the fourth-most popular team on Twitter in Brooklyn

The Nets touched down in Brooklyn three seasons ago, but their Twitter following has yet to catch up.

Twitter released a slick interactive national NBA map that details what percentage of followers for each NBA team reside in each county in the country.

According to Krist Wongsuphasawat, the creator of the design, 8.81 percent of NBA Twitter follows in Brooklyn are to the Brooklyn Nets account, trailing the Miami Heat (8.98 percent), Los Angeles Lakers (12.67 percent), and New York Knicks (22.12 percent). The Knicks have more than twice as many followers as the Nets overall.

Tom Lorenzo of NetsDaily took some more insights from the data:

One that really isn’t surprising is that the highest number of Twitter followers come from New York at 17.31 percent, then Jersey, at over 12 percent.. However, I did find it surprising that they have more Twitter followers in California (7.85 percent) than any other state. I don’t know why I find that surprising, but I do.

The Nets have 522,000 followers on Twitter, ranking 12th in the NBA among NBA teams.