Nets 99, Bobcats 78: Advanced Box & Reaction

Check out the advanced box score from last night’s 99-78 Nets victory here.

A few takeaways:

  • One of the limitations of this box score is that it doesn’t give you advanced numbers on a half-by-half basis. The Nets’ “Big 3” of Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, and Brook Lopez all substantially improved in the second half — Lopez got more involved in the offense, Williams & Johnson began hitting shots, and a ten-point halftime deficit to the worst team in basketball quickly turned into a laugher. I also don’t mind Johnson and Williams playing well into the fourth quarter last night, even as the game turned into a blowout — I’m a fan of both putting the seal on, and giving them the opportunity to pump their numbers up a bit for the psychological boost.

  • This is the type of game Reggie Evans needs to have all the time for the Nets to be successful, but he so rarely has this game against talented big men. Effort only goes so far when Josh McRoberts isn’t on the other side.

  • I got a little bit of flack for giving Gerald Wallace a C+. For what it’s worth, I thought I’d given him a B-, but I think I still would’ve gotten the same issues. I don’t necessarily think giving him a higher grade would be wrong, but here’s my instant impact from Wallace’s game: some great blocks near the rim, good defense, one very cool dunk, and a lot of wayward drives to the basket that went nowhere. If he was an A defensively, he was a D offensively. Even it out.

  • I think the assist rate numbers accurately portrayed how good Mirza Teletovic’s passing was, and how similarly bad Mirza Teletovic’s shooting was, last night. There was one behind-the-head pass to MarShon Brooks for an open three that Brooks clanked that could have buoyed those numbers even more. Teletovic is certainly a talented offensive player, but when your biggest asset is your three-point shooting and you’re routinely shooting poorly on even open threes, it’s hard to justify a large amount of playing time.

  • Tornike Shengelia didn’t do much in garbage time to further the #FreeToko movement, but I still believe.
  • Anyone else notice that the Nets looked great with Keith Bogans on the floor with the starters? Again? Is it just me?