Nets 100, Pacers 84: Postgame Quotes

We changed a few things to our game plan and the guys executed it, especially post defense against Hibbert. … Outstanding defense from Gerald Wallace on Granger, he missed some shots but he really denied him the basketball.

Avery Johnson, on defense

We tried to keep it simple and go to the hot guy. Even though we were playing a little isolation ball there, Deron was drawing a lot of attention. We were getting a lot of shots on the back side, Deron was scoring and we were slicing and cutting to the basket, which Gerald Wallace was able to do. We haven’t had any cuts like that in a while.

Avery Johnson, on fourth-quarter offense

Deron just really quarterbacked the team tonight. We had a lot of contributions offensively from Brooks, Humphries, and Gerald Green off the bench.

Avery Johnson

Jordan Williams had a really mild concussion, we think he’s going to be okay. … We’re really concerned about Shelden. We think Jordan is going to be okay..

Avery Johnson, on the injured Williams’s

The team is starting to gel together, chemistry-wise. We did a great job defensively. The way we played is what you like to see in a team like this … we’re continuing to get better, and tonight was a significant improvement from the first five or six games I was here.

Gerald Wallace

I did?

Johan Petro, when told Avery said he saved the game

It’s a good way to go into a road trip, to get a good victory. This is probably our best home win of the season. We have to take this same confidence we had tonight, the way we played on defense, and take it on the road.

Deron Williams

Pet played great. It was one of his best games. He was a presence out there, and hit some big shots.

Deron Williams

I feel a lot better. It was a little scary at first, I was a little dizzy and a little light-headed, but I feel a lot better. I’m not exactly sure what happened. I’m going to watch the replay to see what happened.

Jordan Williams, on his injury

We are a sub-par team. So not really.

Deron Williams, when asked if he took offense to the notion that the Pacers felt that the Nets were a sub-par team