More “Summer of Lebron” Speculating

Michael Arace of the Columbus Dispatch sees two potential scenarios unfolding during the “Summer of Lebron.” He either stays in Cleveland or he jumps to New Jersey.

Calling one of Lebron’s other potential suitors, the New York Knicks “mismanaged and malodorous,” Arace adds that the Nets have the benefit of minority owner and rapper Jay-Z to help lure James while also having the cap space to potentially add another superstar, like Chris Bosh.

Personally, I’m just relieved to read some sports commentary from outside the Big Apple that acknowledges some reasons why Lebron isn’t going to automatically gravitate towards the Knicks if he spurns the Cavs next year. The Knicks haven’t been relevant in more than a decade and if the Nets could establish any sort of stability with the Brooklyn/New Jersey situation in the coming year, I think they have as much of a shot, if not more, to land Lebron instead of the Knicks.

Posted by Mark Ginocchio