Monday Morning Mailbag #5

Day in and day out, we here at NetsAreScorching try to provide content that you guys want to read, however, we don’t know what exactly you want to hear about, and some things may fall through the cracks. This is what the mailbag is for. Every Monday we are going to be answering questions from you the reader, don’t be afraid to e-mail your questions to [email protected].

It was a pretty short mailbag this week with only two questions e-mailed in.  They were interesting though, so I felt the need to answer them.  Remember guys, we want to be able to do this every week, so please, send in any questions that you may have.  We’ll blame this one on the holiday…let’s get it next week.


Over/Under 5 Triple Doubles For T-Will?

I really want to say over, I really do, but it is going to be under.  Every time Terrence Williams steps on the basketball court he has the potential to get a triple double, and while I do think he may pull 1 or 2 this upcoming season, 5 is just way too much.  Williams will have a few close calls as well I think, just like the end of last year.  He has a few better shooters around him, another year of experience, and maybe more playing time this year.  However, there are some things working against him as well.  Scorers mean there are lets shots to go around for him, and no question that Coach Avery Johnson is going to make him work on the defensive end, and that could take away from some of his offensive game.  So yeah, 1 or 2.  What does everyone think?  Let me know in the comments.


The Nets-Knicks rivalry has always been a good one locally in the tri state area, but doesn’t really get that much buzz, will that change this year?

I know that I personally hate the Knicks, because growing up my dad was a Knicks fan so in order to trash talk, I rooted against them.  That has always stuck with me as I grew up.  As for this rivalry going national, it all depends on one thing, will both teams be good.  Last year’s Knicks-Nets games were pretty good and competitive last year, but nobody was paying attention because there was only 5 wins between them.  When the Knicks were good back in the day, the Nets were awful.  Same for when the Nets were really successful, both teams have just never been good at the same time.  If these two teams are right around 35-40 wins and battling for the final playoff spot, people will start to pay attention again.