Mikhail Prokhorov talks business, wooing women, and the Nets


Mikhail Prokhorov let GQ into a sliver of his life in a recent interview over e-mail, which includes six hours of sleep and two hours of exercise each day, a few big decisions a week, and his dream of bringing Russian president Vladimir Putin and U.S. president Barack Obama together in a Barclays Center suite for a Nets game.

In the interview, he reiterated his newfound interest in Tescao, a Tibetan martial art he demonstrated for Nets players at Duke University during training camp.

Prokhorov also shared his viewpoint on his romantic life: “women are meant to be loved, not understood.” But when it comes to finding a mate, he was more coy. Despite his long-standing promise that he would get married within five years as a punishment if the Nets did not win a championship, Prokhorov joked “no deal is imminent” when it came to settling down. After all, Prokhorov admitted that NBA commissioner Adam Silver took the bullet for him.

The Nets majority owner — and possibly 100% owner soon, if rumors of him buying out Forest City Ratner come to fruition — didn’t predict a championship deadline this time. “The sooner the better,” Prokhorov told GQ. “Beyond that, it really depends on us staying healthy and the chemistry of the team, which we’ll soon see.”

Full interview below.

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