Mikhail Prokhorov rode the subway, needs to cast potential wives

During his trip to the United States to catch the opening two games, Mikhail Prokhorov sat down with David Aldridge to talk about the Brooklyn Nets franchise, new adventures, his trip on New York rail, his choice of wives, and more. Some notable quotes below:

Me: What do you think this building and this team being here could ultimately mean for this borough?
Mikhail Prokhorov: The team is not only about business. It’s about people, the atmosphere, about feeling. And of course, Brooklyn is our home. The first time I visited Brooklyn was the middle of the ’90s. And really, I knew about Brooklyn, but this is just the heart of the U.S. immigration, the great Russian diaspora. And what I didn’t [know] was the story of Dodgers. It was the strongest link between Brooklyn and basketball, because of the street ball, this is home in Brooklyn. This is, just for me was a new story. For me, it’s very important to have this feeling of community. And we hope, and we want this place will be the heart of Brooklyn, and the heart of the community. I am lucky we are on the right way.

Me: You did say you would win a title within five years of buying the team. So where are you with that plan?
MP: We only have three years left. I have said, also, that I would marry if we haven’t [won] the championship. So I am maybe the most devoted guy for the championship for the time being.
Me: Do you have a preliminary list of … people … in case you have to follow through on that?
MP: I’m sure we’ll have the championship. If not, we can make a casting together, OK?
Me: I’ll have to talk to my wife about that.

Me: When you are in Brooklyn and run into people, what do they want to hear from you? What do they say to you?
MP: Just, most of the time, I like to see them, or maybe they like to see me. Or, we can say, ‘Let’s go Nets,’ or, ‘Thank you for the team.’ So it’s very open talks.
Me: You rode the subway, right?
MP: Yeah.
Me: Did they recognize you?
MP: Yeah.
Me: What was that like? You couldn’t leave.
MP: I think they were a little bit surprised. Just, we make some pictures as well.

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