Andray Blatche: “Godfather of Bench Mob”

From Mike Mazzeo of

According to Andray Blatche, the Brooklyn Nets’ reserves are going to be called the “Bench Mob.”

You’ve probably heard that nickname before. (See: 2011-12 Chicago Bulls).

But Blatche claims to have been the originator of the “Bench Mob” nickname when he was with the Washington Wizards.

“That came from me … I started it. I’m the Godfather of it. It’s me. Ain’t no C.J. Watson with the Chicago Bulls. It’s me,” Blatche said.

Sure … but the Bulls … and C.J. …

“He didn’t bring that from Chicago,” Blatche said. “Don’t you dare say that came from Chicago. It came from me in D.C. with the other team I was with.”

Fair enough.

I’m not sold on Bench Mob as a nickname, though there is something quite Andray Blatche about self-proclaiming himself the Godfather of it. Some ideas (some gleefully stolen): Da Bench, The Notorious B.E.N.C.H., Brooklyn’s Benchcourt, The Bench Press, Benchpire. Most of these are terrible. We have a poll over there on the right — chime in, or let us know your suggestions.

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