Mikhail Prokhorov plays basketball for charity

Mikhail Prokhorov plays basketball for charity

We know Mikhail Prokhorov as a man of mystery, a tall Russian billionaire hell-bent on taking over the NBA one Deron Williams transaction at a time. But back in September, Prokhorov did more than just owning New Jersey’s currently-non-existent-because-of-this-ridiculous-charade basketball franchise, he’s been playing basketball — for charity, of course, because no one would pay Mikhail Prokhorov to play basketball:

There’s just so much to love here: Prokhorov’s shooting form (which looks like Chris Mullin’s, if Chris Mullin was sapped by the Monstars in Space Jam), his up-and-under post move that ultimately ends up on the other side of the rim, the awkward cut between his first shot and the “swish…” and so on.

Another reason to love it, from the video’s description (the video was uploaded this week):

New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov playing in a charity basketball game to raise money to support the victims of the Bulgaria boat sinking.

Prokhorov saying: “What makes a person different from an animal? The fact that (a person) can be involved in events like this. And events like this unite people, help us to survive our common tragedies, so the more events like this there are, the better it will be for our country. It leads to recovery, it leads to our becoming kinder to people, and for our country that’s very important.”

Good on’ya, Mikhail. But let’s hope, for everyone’s sake, that the next Net we see on the floor isn’t you. (Or half the guys you signed last season.)