MarShon Brooks To Write Diary

Just 11 games into his NBA career and MarShon Brooks is already a household name, that is if your household is in located in NJ.

Nets fans love the guy and this season he will be giving insight into his rookie year by way of writing a weekly diary for the New York Post.

Brooks’ diary, which debuted yesterday, will be posted once a week, every Wednesday.

Below is an excerpt from his debut entry, the entire diary can be found here.

There have been a lot of different plays over this 10-game stretch that I haven’t been getting calls that I got in college, and they’re making those calls for other players. So, for me, that’s the main thing right now … I’m trying to earn respect as a player on the court. My thing has been into the paint. At least before my ankle injury [in Boston last week], I was getting in the paint a lot, and that’s big for me. I thought I’d have to work on my strength a little bit more, which I still do, to get in there, but I’ve pretty much been in the paint when I’ve wanted to be, and that’s surprised me a little bit.

MarShon Brooks – NY Post