Marshon Brooks: Nets a “Team On The Rise”

Like most NBA draftees, Marshon Brooks held a short presser after being selected. I came away very impressed with Brooks mentally. He seems to have his head on straight, knows what he can do, and came off as confident without being cocky.

When asked about playing for the Nets:

They have a really good point guard in Deron Williams, it’s going to make life easy for me and I’m just looking forward to helping him.

On his versatility and all-around game:

I can score a lot of different ways because of my childhood, growing up playing point guard most of the time. (I’m used to having) the ball in my hand, and I can create my own shot without a ball screen or an off-screen or anything. As far as my versatility, I played a lot of positions for Providence and did a lot for them, and it got me ready for the future.

On his role with the Nets next season:

Anything they need me to do, honestly. I played a lot of different roles in my four years at Providence, and playing there has me so ready for this situation that I’m in now. I mean, I like to score the ball. That’s what I do. But if I’m asked to do other things (by) Avery Johnson, I’m just willing to do extra.

His impression of the Nets:

Team on the rise. Definitely a team with new management that’s trying to get to the top.

On having his family around:

It was huge. It was definitely huge for me, to be living my dream. Just my whole family – I’m pretty sure they can’t wait for me to leave this interview right now. Especially my mom, raising me by herself. She was my mom and my dad, so hats off to her first.

Brooks also made some remarks on Twitter after the draft:

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