Marshon Brooks Lights Up Pro/Am Game

As the tweets were rolling in last night about Marshon Brooks’ performance in the summer Pro/Am game he played in last night, many of us (myself included) wished we were there. By all accounts, Brooks dazzled his way to 48 points in an overtime loss.

Luckily for Nets Are Scorching, a reader was there and recorded his thoughts about the evening. Here are some thoughts from reader Daniel, who was in attendance last night:

It was pretty full. A good number of Nets fans were in attendance, and it was clear the crowd came to see Marshon. Defense wasn’t at a premium, but Marshon was guarded primarily by the combination of Jamario Moon and a strong, well-built streetball player nicknamed Spongebob who played him very physical. For a few possessions, John Lucas III guarded him but Lucas is much smaller than Brooks so didn’t end up guarding him much.

A lot of Marshon’s points were off of threes, he had some stepbacks and some pull-ups for three. Also was able to get past his man at times though did overdribble a bit, and a few times lost control of the ball because he tried to do too much, but you could tell that scoring and making shots just come easy to him. He didn’t always make the best decisions but he was way more talented than his teammates and I think his shot selection is just a result of the setting. I like the fact that he always wanted the ball in his hands, he knew he was the best player on the court, and it showed in his attitude.

Thanks again to Daniel for his thoughts and observations from the contest.