Magic Johnson: “Deron can do it all”

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Happy Magic Johnson (AP)
Happy Magic Johnson (AP)
Magic Johnson attended the Brooklyn Nets-Miami Heat matchup on Friday night, and met with Barclays Center TV to talk a little about the Nets. Johnson, who was a pretty decent point guard for some okay Los Angeles Lakers teams in the 80s, had high praise for Nets point guard Deron Williams.

“Deron can do it all,” Johnson told Alyonka Larionov of BCTV. “He’s big and he’s strong he can score he can lead the team. He knows how to set his teammates up for easy baskets. Then the one thing that I like, he has a competitive spirit about him. So I think for him, this is what he always wanted: to have this level of talent around him.

“Give the ownership a lot of credit,” Johnson continued. “They’ve really put the money where their mouth is, and when you bring in a champion in Kevin Garnett, and another champion in Paul Pierce, and you add them to Lopez, Joe Johnson, and on and on and on, I know that Deron is smiling every single night, like I was to be able to play with that kind of talent. I think they’re just building something special here in Brooklyn. Prokhorov said this is what he wanted to do, he was going to bring a championship team to Brooklyn, and he’s building just that. So this is an exciting time if you’re a Brooklyn Nets fan.”

Johnson added that he thinks this Nets team has the best starting 5 in the NBA, and is “really going to do some damage in the playoffs,” but it’ll take a couple of months before they play to their full potential. And he said that before Sunday night’s 107-86 clunker against the Magic!

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