Looks Like It Will Be Derrick Favors

As always, Dave D’Alessandro has the skinny:

Here’s all you need to know about Cousins: He flubbed a shooting drill – just didn’t have it the first time through. Brick, reload, brick, snort, brick, angst. So after his turn was over, he asked to do it again – and he knocked down a very respectable percentage from a few steps above the nail.

The problem: He’s undoubtedly a five – say, the kind that Philly should seriously consider building around, but probably won’t. He’s lost some weight – down to 292 – but his size and skills say center, period.

That report from Minneapolis about Favors being out of shape? It was a feint, obviously. At least the Nets think so: Their internal dialogue in the last few days was about how Minnesota has already told the kid he’s their choice at No. 4, so the Wolves want to see him drop.

“I didn’t think so,” was all Polinsky would say when asked if the Georgia Tech kid was out of shape.

There is a ton more very good info over at Dave D’s post, but the gist of it is that Derrick Favors didn’t shy away from the contact.  That is what I thought they would be looking at, and I think now that they see he won’t be afraid to bang inside, he is going to be the pick.

Also of note is that the Nets scouts think that Cousins will be better suited to play the center position in the pros.  Since the Nets already have an All-Star caliber center on their roster it won’t make sense to draft them.  I agree.  There is no question that DeMarcus Cousins is going to be a solid pro, but I have said this over and over, it is about who the better fit with the roster is.  That better fit is Derrick Favors.