Let’s Remember The Times Mirza Teletovic Was Awesome


Nets forward Mirza Teletovic became former Nets forward Mirza Teletovic today, after reports that the 6’9″ shooting forward signed a one-year deal with the Phoenix Suns. Teletovic suited up for the Brooklyn Nets in 165 games, more than any player except Deron Williams & Joe Johnson, and left his fair share of memories. So let’s take a trip down memory lane…

…Like when he stared down LeBron James and laughed:

When he went Sky Mirza:

When he set a Nets franchise record with six three-pointers in a playoff game:

And then tweeted his own shot chart, the ultimate heat check:

When he went nova on Dirk & the Dallas Mavericks:

When Paul Pierce made the series-saving block on Kyle Lowry in 2014 and Mirza just simmered in happiness while everyone around him went bonkers:

When he put down a 26-15 game against the Spurs, of all teams:

When he saved the Nets with two huge threes against the Grizzlies:

And, what the hell, here’s a full highlight mix put together by Cody Hart in January:

Teletovic was a professional in his time the Nets, and we at The Brooklyn Game wish #Fearza well in his days in Phoenix.