VIDEO: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett called for technical fouls in rapid succession

In the post-game press conference in Boston following Sunday night’s game, Kevin Garnett joked that Paul Pierce was his “little brother.”

Like older brother, like younger brother.

While the Brooklyn Nets may not sulk about trailing, they might just find ways to upset the refs. The first domino to fall was Paul Pierce, called for a technical after throwing out his gum in the vicinity of one of the referees. After that technical, the referees got a little whistle-happy, calling Kevin Garnett for a technical for jawing at the refs about a foul call. The Raptors hit both of the technical free throws.

Oddly enough, Kyle Lowry was quickly hit with a technical foul just minutes after PP and KG committed theirs. Lowry was whistled for his technical after Paul Pierce elbowed him. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Pierce hit the technical free throw and nailed a 3 after.

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