Kevin Garnett With The Quote Of The Day On The Donald Sterling Scandal

Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett often acts as a bit of a basketball monk, putting together strings of consciousness that few humans can replicate. He compared his jump shot to a booty call. He once tried to make the point that we all have different strengths by alleging a writer could chug a gallon of milk. About Mason Plumlee’s willingness to learn, he said “dark is stagnation. Life is movement.” He coined “Joe Jesus” as a nickname for Joe Johnson.

There was a rumor last summer that the Los Angeles Clippers entertained a trade to bring Kevin Garnett to their franchise, which is owned by Donald Sterling, who is now banned for life from Clippers-related activities for racially insensitive comments made on a recording. So it’s no surprise that Garnett would again take the creative route when asked about potentially playing for the Los Angeles Clippers:

Me neither, KG. The Nets & Raptors play Game 5 in Toronto Wednesday night. (Full TV schedule here.)

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