Jordan Williams: Happy to be a Net, wears #15 for Vince Carter

In an interview with the Waterbury Republican-American, Jordan Williams tells Patrick Tischia he’s happy as a Net, and explains how Vince Carter influenced his number choice.

Before the draft, Williams was very confident in his chances of going to the Clippers at #37, but was then thrilled to hear Adam Silver call his name at #36 instead. He sounded hopeful when saying that he could compete for major minutes this season.

However, the main part of this interview that struck me as unusual was Williams claiming he’s a big fan of Vince Carter, choosing to wear #15 as a pro in his honor. At 6’9″ and 250 pounds, J-Will hardly evokes images of VC in his prime. Still, Carter is a big part of Nets history (like it or not), and it’s nice to see that Williams has some fond memories of the Nets past.