Jordan Farmar: Player Profile

Jordan Farmar: Player Profile

Name: Jordan Farmar

Position: PG

Date of Birth: November 30, 1986

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 180 lbs.

Experience: 5

Drafted: 1st round, 26th overall by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2006

College: The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)

2011-12 salary: $4,000,000

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  • Offense: Jordan Farmar isn’t a bad player, and has discernible talent. But between early inexperience and missed opportunities to capitalize on keeping the spotlight, Farmar has yet to meet the expectations that were first placed upon him during his second season in the league, a minor breakout year while playing for the L.A. Lakers.

    Though he doesn’t score a bunch, he has the ability to fill up. But those times are few, as he averages just under 20 minutes a game for his career (though he logged a career 24.6 minutes with the Nets in 2011). Farmar averaged a career-high in almost major statistical category in his first year with the Nets, including scoring average (9.6) and free throw percentage (.820). He’s limited by a lack of a go-to move and generally have a so-so output of shot selection, but he is a competent three-point shooter (.359 for the Nets and for his career) and can hurt you when he’s forgotten about on the perimeter with his ability to penetrate or take an open jump shot.

  • Defense: Farmer is an able defender who can do admirable work on the perimeter. He’s disciplined and normally able to rotate well in zone defenses, and much of his value as a player comes through his defensive abilities. No one will ever confuse him for Gary Payton, but he’s a good guy to have on that end of the floor.

  • 2011-12 Outlook: In Farmar’s case, I don’t think his role will differ too much from what he was doing in the previous season. He’ll be the stronghold for Deron Williams off the bench, and he’ll defend when needed. I anticipate that he’ll stay in the 20-minutes-per-game realm, and likely score between seven and nine points a game. Count on his field-goal percentage being its typical 40% self. I don’t anticipate him becoming a feature player offensively, but his defense and ability to run sets as a playmaker give him a great advantage when it comes to getting playing time.

  • Facts of life: Farmar is half-African American and half-Jewish. He’s the basketball Lenny Kravitz.
  • Twitter: None
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