Jerry Stackhouse Is A Sucker For No One, Except Infomercial Salesmen

Jerry Stackhouse

Hidden in a nice profile of Jerry Stackhouse by Roy Ward:

Stackhouse also lists himself as a sucker for television infomercials, buying countless training aides or fitness devices. “My wife hates it because they clutter up the house,” he joked. “If I see something on one of those gimmicks on TV that can give me a little edge than I try it out. Part of it is that when you do something and it starts getting old then you can jump on something fresh and it stays fun.”

Jerry Stackhouse, the man who tackled Shaquille O’Neal in an NBA Finals game, who changed out of his GQ suit to beat the crap out of Kirk Snyder after a game in 2005, the man who has textual montages dedicated to him backing down from no man, the inventor of the Stack burger whose lead ingredient is a pound of bacon, is powerless to late-night calls of $19.95 plus free shipping and handling.

I love this country.

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