Jerry Stackhouse e-fights with Nets fans

Jerry Stackhouse

According to NetsDaily, Brooklyn Nets guard Jerry Stackhouse got into some textual battles with Brooklyn Nets fans unhappy with his play last night. Some examples of what Stackhouse said to fans:

@jkrugelhead get your followers up.. You’re not even worthy of a response

@BSchulzBKN Fans want interaction but when it’s not what you want to hear.. It’s rude and defensive.. Ok

@BSchulzBKN we’ll take pride in the fact your team is 11-1 this year! If I was 36-36 you’d still find something to complain about! Be Happy

@BSchulzBKN Thx! Educate me b/c I’ve never been a fan.. Always on the other side..

@baptiste718 @marshon2 neither one of us make that call. When our number is called we play our mins, if not, we support the other #teammate

@BSchulzBKN wonder if I came to your cubicle and critiqued your work and put it up for public consumption, would your view change??

@jkrugelhead Aren’t you a nets fan? Or just a Marshon fan? This is the best this team has been in loooong time!!

@alboboy98 @ed_boulanger I really don’t mind.. I like to argue sometimes! Lol

@BSchulzBKN I will… Shots come and go just like some “Fans”. I’ve shot 0-1 in 4 of the last 5 game. I’m really struggling? Gtfoh

There was also this direct message to user @BSchulzBKN:

The tweets, except the second-to-last, have since been deleted. Stackhouse followed up with this this morning:

We are enthusiastically pro-Stackhouse here at The Brooklyn Game, though there’s no denying that he’s struggled since his quite-literally historic start.

Just another example of this Microwave Twitter world we live in today.