Jayson Williams Has Strong Thoughts About Kris Humphries Losing His Rotation Spot

Jayson Williams hit the glass like few others. (AP)

Former Nets forward Jayson Williams has had his share of minutes in the spotlight — though he’s most known for pleading guilty to aggravated assault and serving a prison sentence after accidentally killing his driver, Williams was a force in the NBA for the Nets, leading the NBA in offensive rebounding percentage in his last full season and developing a reputation as one of the league’s strongest players.

Williams, who has since been released, has kept up with the Nets this season. He occasionally peppers thoughts about the team from his Twitter account, and has kept a running commentary with fans. After hearing that Kris Humphries lost his spot in the rotation, months after losing his starting spot to Reggie Evans, Williams responded accordingly — and strongly:

Williams has always worn his heart on his sleeve (most notably to me in his co-written autobiography Loose Balls), and he clearly hasn’t changed those ways in his post-career life.