Top Brooklyn Nets coaching candidates


With PJ Carlesimo out, the Nets now turn to finding a new permanent head coach. Here are some of our suggestions, thanks to The Brooklyn Game team.

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Stan Van Gundy


According to Magic Insider Brian Schmitz, Van Gundy has no interest in the Brooklyn job. But we’ve heard that story before.

Stan Van has particular experience guiding a wayward star towards greatness. Under Stan’s watch, Dwight morphed from a mere athletic marvel into the second best player in the league. Granted, the very same attitude that caused Dwight’s ascendance — forcing him out of his unskilled, defense-only comfort zone — is probably the very same attitude that pushed Dwight to run back and make sure Stan Van was still playing the violin while the ship sank. The same may very well happen with Deron and Stan (see: Deron and Jerry Sloan), but not hiring him because of what might happen at the end of his tenure recalls a terrific (aren’t they all) Mitch Hedberg joke: “I drink red wine. This girl said, ‘Doesn’t red wine give you a headache?’ Yeah, eventually. But the first and the middle parts are amazing.”

Also, from a much more petty point of view, wouldn’t it be a joy to watch Dwight Howard struggle against schemes specifically designed as payback for that year of horribleness?
-Andrew Gnerre
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