Jason Terry is getting a Brooklyn Nets tattoo and won’t tell us where

This isn’t the first time Jason Terry’s gotten a team-related tattoo. Terry famously got the Larry O’Brien Trophy — AKA the NBA Finals Trophy — tattooed on his arm prior to the 2011 season, guaranteeing his then-Dallas Mavericks would win the NBA Finals that year. (They did.) Terry then got a second tattoo when he joined the Boston Celtics, inking the Celtics leprechaun mascot under the trophy, making it seem as if the mascot was spinning the trophy on his finger. (The Celtics went 41-40 and lost in the first round.)

But with this latest tattoo, Terry’s leaving a fair bit of mystery. If he’s revealing it opening night, it should be in a visible place. Is he adding “BK All Day” to the trophy? He did say he’s keeping the Celtics mascot, but didn’t say it can’t be altered. Or is he going for the face tattoo? Will he replace his eyebrows? Will he go DeShawn Stevenson-style and lay the words across his Adam’s apple?

Stay tuned. As long as it doesn’t have the BrooklyKnight imprinted behind it, I think we’ll be okay.