Rondae Hollis-Jefferson surprised his mother with a house for her birthday


The enigmatic Brooklyn Nets rookie Rondae Hollis-Jefferson made one of his dreams come true on Friday as he bought his mother a new home her for birthday. Hollis-Jefferson, who grew up in Chester, Pennsylvania, spent time this summer with his brother, uncle, and realtor searching for the perfect place for his mother, Rylanda. 

In his weekly running diary on The New York Post, Hollis-Jefferson wrote about the plan’s execution and his monumental surprise of a lifetime; he said:

“She said it was her best birthday ever. That’s huge for me and my brother, and my uncle, who is like a brother to us. … That’s big in our eyes, to be able to do that. Being able to change your mom’s life, to be able to put her in a comfortable situation. … It makes that feeling in your heart go to ease.

Instead of worrying about where your mom is going, what she’s doing, it puts you at ease knowing she has a place of her own, and that she has somewhere to lay her head at night. It’s pretty special.”

Oh, and if you were looking to cry this morning, there’s video of the entire event:

Hollis-Jefferson has worked through a difficult rookie preseason, suffering a sprained ankle on October 10th before leaving last week’s game against the Boston Celtics over asthma concerns. No matter how frustrated he must be about those minor setbacks, Hollis-Jefferson’s purchase for his mother is one that will ring true forever.

However, if the Nets want to be one of the Eastern Conference’s final playoff seeds, then Hollis-Jefferson and his defense will need to play a huge role in that effort. Hollis-Jefferson, asthma, birthday houses, and all, should be good to make his NBA Debut on Wednesday against the Chicago Bulls.

The New York Post — NBA dream come true: I bought my mom a house for her birthday