HIGHLIGHTS: Deron Williams’s offensive clinic

HIGHLIGHTS: Deron Williams’s offensive clinic

There haven’t been many games like this in Deron Williams’s Nets career. No, check that: there haven’t been any games like this in Deron Williams’s Nets career.

Monday night marked the first time that Deron Williams shot above 80 percent in a Nets uniform, hitting 11 of 13 shots en route to a game-high 28 points, including his first dunk of the season. (We think.)

Williams scored in a variety of ways: in the mid-range, off the dribble attacking the basket, hitting three of five three-pointers, and weaving around defenders like a Deron Williams rarely seen at Barclays Center in the past few years.

“He’s a very talented player, so Deron put a lot of pressure,” coach Jason Kidd added after the game. “I thought he did a good job of finding guys, guys setting screens for them. The looks that he had, they were all great looks. THey weren’t forced and he was getting to the basket.”

Williams credited his improved health for his improved play. “I’m definitely feeling better. Still not jumping that high, but definitely feeling better and more confident every day.”

Williams has famously struggled with ankle issues in the last few years, twice undergoing platelet-rich plasma therapy treatment in both ankles to speed up the healing process.

“I had two ankle sprains on each ankle,” Williams added. “It’s kind of hard to play basketball with two sprained ankles.”