NetLinks: Two-PG lineups, Yahoo trolling Jason Kidd, development near Barclays?

Jason Kidd Tyshawn Taylor
“Hit me.” (AP)
"Hit me." (AP)
“Hit me.” (AP)

Some Nets news and notes from around the ‘net:

  • Nets point guard Tyshawn Taylor, speaking about his development and the coaching staff, says he expects a lot of two-point guard lineups.

  • Harvey Araton contrasts New York’s two head coaches, and their battle for survival.

  • From our very own Chris Hooker: looks like Yahoo! Sports is having a little fun at Jason Kidd’s expense.

  • Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers, who coached Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen in Boston, believes strongly that the feud between former Celtics won’t last forever.

  • The Nets defense, whatever it is, remains a work in progress.

  • Some development near Barclays Center in place: first, two hotels will be built, the first a “glam” Marriot Hotel, the other targeting “health and fitness.”

  • Business improvement district Downtown Brooklyn Partnership (DBP) wants $7 million for “the extension of the Flatbush Avenue streetscape project south from Fulton Street to connect the center of the district to the new Barclays Center.”

  • How many of these ten things look familiar?