Here’s Everything The Nets Didn’t Do Today

When Joe Johnson goes Joe Cool: The Internet Reacts

When Joe Johnson goes Joe Cool: The Internet Reacts

At 10:16 A.M. EST, the Brooklyn Nets acquired Sean Marks from the San Antonio Spurs. It turned out to be their last move of the day.

After a smattering of rumors, nothing materialized for the Nets, who had a general manager for less than five hours before teams were no longer allowed to make trades. There were only a few rumors as-is; here’s a likely incomplete list of the mutterings we heard:

  • The biggest deal that didn’t happen was a Thaddeus Young package, most likely one with the Toronto Raptors that would have net some combination of Patrick Patterson, Delon Wright, and a first-round pick from the Raptors. It’s not clear where that deal stalled — or if it ever really started — but the rumor was out there, enough that Young himself had heard.

    The Celtics were also rumored to have had interest in Young.

  • There are no reports that indicate the Nets ever entertained a serious offer for Brook Lopez, nor that one was ever made. Chris Mannix of The Vertical called interest in Lopez around the league “nonexistent.

  • ESPN’s Chris Broussard reports that the Nets were interested in Atlanta’s point guard Jeff Teague, who was available until “2:58 P.M. EST.” The Nets are in dire need of a point guard, but the Hawks’ asking price — which likely involved a first-round pick — would’ve been more than the Nets could have offered without flipping Brook Lopez or Thaddeus Young for multiple picks.

  • The Miami Herald speculated that the Heat would look at shooters, potentially Nets guard Wayne Ellington, but nothing ever materialized.

  • Two European sportswriters said that Bojan Bogdanovic would be traded by the deadline (h/t NetsDaily), potentially to the Charlotte Hornets. The Hornets ended up trading for Courtney Lee, a similar shooter (and former Nets guard).

  • In a deadline roundup, Fred Kerber of the New York Post reported that the Nets sought a second-round pick for Andrea Bargnani, an offer that was, ahem, “met… with disdain.