Happy 24th Birthday, Cory Jefferson!

Cory Jefferson
Cory Jefferson
Cory Jefferson

Today, December 26th, is Nets rookie forward Cory Jefferson’s 24th birthday. Jefferson has meager averages of 3.9 points and 2.4 rebounds in 10.4 minutes per game, recording as many DNP’s (13) as games (14). But he’s done some good things in his limited time, using his athleticism to make an impact in his brief spurts. Here’s a few of those.

This definitely does NOT include the one thing he’s done this season that became nationally known, because it’s his birthday, and we don’t need to remind him of that one thing he did that dominated ESPN’s “Not Top 10” list.

For one, there was this ridiculous dunk:

Then there was that game that came right after that thing happened that we’re not going to talk about,
when he hit all five of his shots in a 114-87 victory over the Charlotte Hornets:

Let’s also not forget this dunk, that came in the same game as that thing we’re not going to talk about, that landed right through the rim, unlike that aforementioned thing we’re not going to talk about.

Happy Birthday!