Heartbreaker: Clippers 101, Nets 95 (Game Grades)


Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Struggled with the Chris Paul matchup, shooting far worse than his career average against CP3, and didn’t have the type of game we’ve come to expect from him in the past month. Did have some nice defensive plays in the fourth, but threw away a crucial turnover on a lackadaisical pass to Gerald Wallace that led to a Jamal Crawford dunk to put the Clippers up 94-90, which swung the game in a huge way.


Got off to a hot start in the first quarter, probing the lane and hitting floaters (including an impressive high arcer over Blake Griffin). Struggled to create in the middle quarters and suffered a quad contusion in the third. That coupled with his sore heel kept him on the bench during a crucial stretch in the fourth quarter.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Brought everything he can to the table defensively AND hit shots. Can’t really ask for much more.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

He’s back? HE’S BACK? He’s playing significant minutes? Blitzing on pick-and-rolls? Timing shots and swatting them off the backboard? Okay, so he wasn’t phenomenal, but he was acceptable. After a not-inexplicable-but-kind-of-inexplicable three-week bench-gluing, Humphries played better than I expected. Did struggle to contain Blake Griffin.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Some good moments in weakside help defensively and scored as well as usual but didn’t offer much help otherwise. Did do an admirable job on back-to-back crunch time possessions guarding Chris Paul.


Had his share of stupid mistakes, which usually result in turnovers. But no one defended Blake Griffin better, no one rotated on pick-and-rolls better, and as always, he grabbed every loose rebound within his grasp. Given everything you hope to get from Reggie Evans, not a bad game. Just not a great one.


Hit some important shots as the floor spacer but the Williams-Watson combo always seems to struggle.