A Visual Timeline: The Saga of Carmelo Anthony

You wanted it? Well, maybe you didn’t. Still, you got it. Below is a visual, interactive timeline (thanks TimeToast) detailing most (but surely not all) stories from the beginning in August of this summer all the way up to Prokhorov’s Proclamation.

Whether or not this is actually over, I think we can all agree that this has been a long four months.


UPDATE: I’ve received word that this doesn’t work in Google Chrome. For you guys, the list is below, after the jump:

Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Anthony_jazz0910_7_200_tiny 08/14/2010 The First Whispers Carmelo Anthony is non-committal about his upcoming free agency, saying, “(A)t this point in time, I’ve got to do what’s best for me and my family. If it’s taking my time, figuring out if I want to take that extension or not, then that’s what I’ve got to do.”
08/16/2010 Pieces Falling In Place Chris Dempsey connects a few dots and surmises that ‘Melo is as good as gone, including selling his house and his recent New York wedding. Nets beat reporter Stefan Bondy also starts putting the puzzle pieces together.
08/17/2010 The “‘Melo To The Nets” Bandwagon Begins Bondy starts the Melo-to-Nets media chain, imploring the front office to pursue the Denver star.
08/17/2010 Ric Bucher: “A Matter of When, Not If” NBA sources inform Ric Bucher that Carmelo’s reluctance to sign a 3-year, $65-million extension will result in his departure from the team. Bucher also references an awkward wedding toast from owner Stan Kroenke that resulted in silence after suggesting Chris Paul could join Carmelo in Denver.
1282859811_tiny 08/26/2010 The Mainstream Picks It Up National Yahoo! Sports writer Adrian Wojnarowski confirms what the beats have figured out: Melo (or at least Worldwide Wes) wants out of Denver. The Nets & Clippers are listed as probable destinations.
3a80d88c97738859bdb5a4094cc1e8a8_tiny 08/28/2010 Speculation on Player Packages Begins Packages and names start to be put together, as Fred Kerber of the NY Post names Brook Lopez, Derrick Favors, & Devin Harris as potential assets to lure the Nuggets into a deal. Gregory Hryina of the Examiner preaches patience to Billy King, telling him not to blink first and to protect Brook Lopez at all costs.
09/08/2010 Preseason Rumblings As the preseason begins, Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports names the Knicks and Bulls as Carmelo’s preferred destinations, while including the Rockets, Nets, and Clippers as potential suitors.
091510-andre-iguodala-4001_tiny 09/15/2010 Three-Team Deal, Nets Are “Most Aggressive” Suitors Ken Berger of CBSSports reports that the Nets are the most aggressive suitors for Carmelo’s services, and mentions a three-team deal between the Nets, Sixers and Nuggets that would land Andre Iguodala in Denver, Derrick Favors in Philadelphia, and Carmelo in New Jersey. Berger adds that Chicago’s reluctance to part with center Joakim Noah and New York’s lack of tradeable assets leave them a step behind in the ‘Melo chase.
09/16/2010 “No Real Shot” Of Three-Team Deal Kate Fagan of The Philadelphia Enquirer denounces Berger’s rumor, saying that there have been some whispers in the front office but there is “no real shot” of getting a deal done.
09/19/2010 Ford & Broussard: Deal Is Close, Melo Will Sign Chad Ford & Marc Stein of ESPN.com report originally that Denver is eventually going to pull the trigger on a Carmelo Anthony deal, and that a deal could occur prior to the beginning of the season. The article is updated two days later to say that the Nets are in serious consideration and are making the “hardest active pitch” for a trade. Ford & Broussard also note that Carmelo is willing to sign an extension with New Jersey.
1285187535_tiny 09/22/2010 Kerber: No Extension, No Melo; Woj: Nets Not Desperate Kerber officially reports that the Nets, now cautious, will not agree to sign Carmelo Anthony without a contract extension. Kerber adds that there is no deal imminent. Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Nets are interested in Carmelo, but aren’t desperate for him, and are increasingly impressed with rookie Derrick Favors. Kerber reports the same.
09/22/2010 Broussard: Nets Pursuing ‘Melo Aggressively, Trying Multi-Team Deal Contradicting reports from Wojnarowski and Kerber, Chris Broussard reports on ESPN TrueHoop blog that the Nets are pursuing Carmelo Anthony aggressively and are trying to include a third or fourth team in the trade, but there is no guarantee he would sign an extension. Broussard also notes that agent Leon Rose is pushing to get Melo dealt before the season starts.
Img14003353_tiny 09/23/2010 Berger: Nets Offer “Most Comfortable,” Looking For Third Team Ken Berger of CBS Sports reports that the Nets offer remains the most attractive to Denver, but the Nuggets would require a wing player to replace Carmelo Anthony. The Nets look to include a third team, possibly Philadelphia or Charlotte, to satiate Denver’s request.
Carmelo-anthony_tiny 09/24/2010 Velasco: What’s Up, Carmelo Anthony? Dennis Velasco of Nets are Scorching questions the fit of Carmelo Anthony with the current Nets squad, and makes the argument that Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov should not be the one to “pay for his dinner.”
09/24/2010 Bondy: “Reliable Source: Carmelo Has Approved Deal” On Twitter, Nets beat reporter Stefan Bondy reports (citing a reliable source) that Carmelo Anthony has approved a deal to the Nets and that the deal could be completed as early as tomorrow, September 25th.
09/24/2010 Four-Team Deal For Anthony Close Multiple media outlets report that a four-team deal between the Nets, Nuggets, Bobcats, and Jazz that would bring Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey is somewhere between “pretty close” and “imminent.” Hold-ups include the Nuggets looking for a better deal and conflicting reports of ‘Melo’s willingness to sign. Marc Stein reports that the deal happens by Monday or “falls apart.”
09/24/2010 Favors’ Face Removed From NJNets.com The Nets, who had been using his likeness in their splash page, removed three images of Derrick Favors’ likeness from NJNets.com in preparation for the trade that would have sent him to Denver.
1285352649_tiny 09/25/2010 Woj: Melo Leaning Towards Signing Extension, Denver Holding Out Yahoo! Sports writer Adrian Wojnarowski updates his September 24th report to include that Carmelo Anthony is leaning towards signing an extension if traded to the Nets, but Denver is holding out in hopes that LAC or Chicago will offer Blake Griffin or Joakim Noah.
Melomelo-picnikjpg-4a8b31ab17f0b3ff_large_tiny 09/25/2010 Orr: Deal Falling Apart, Chances Now At “40 Percent” Only a day after a Carmelo Anthony had allegedly approved an “imminent” deal, Conor Orr of the Star-Ledger reports that the talks are “definitely slowing down” and puts the likelihood of a deal occurring at “40 percent.”
Carmelo-anthony-new-jersey-nets-trade-924jpgjpg-e6335c7d750ab2bf_large_tiny 09/25/2010 Orr: Deal Still At Least “One Day” From Completion Hours after Conor Orr of the Star-Ledger wrote that the four-team Carmelo Anthony deal was at “40 percent,” Orr notes that the deal still looks promising and that at least one more day of talks will be needed.
Billykingjpeg-812d79626a46aac7_large_tiny 09/26/2010 King: “There’s Nothing” Letting the dust settle after a weekend that saw a near-completion of the Carmelo Anthony deal, Billy King notes that nothing is done: “There’s no deal. We have nothing. We have nothing.” When asked about a resolution, King said “could be.”
Carmelo-anthony1_tiny 09/27/2010 Nets Now Waiting Only On Nuggets, Now Three-Team Deal An AP report states that the Nets are ready to sign off on a three-team deal to bring Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey, and are only waiting on the Denver Nuggets to OK the deal. Billy King notes that “some of them take two years to get to the point when you get the player you want. Some take two weeks.”
09/28/2010 Carmelo Shows Up To Media Day Despite trade talk and rumors that he’d stay behind with a deal imminent, Carmelo joins the Nuggets at Denver’s media day and deflects questions about his departure, saying “I’ve never said I wanted to be traded. I never once said anything about trade talk.”
09/28/2010 King: Nets Will “Remove Themselves” From Talks In 24 Hours, Want Resolution Citing a source in the Nets organization, Al Iannazzone of the Bergen Record claims that Billy King gives Denver a window of 24 hours to trade Carmelo Anthony to the Nets or New Jersey will walk away from trade talks.
1285650885_tiny 09/28/2010 Four-Team Deal “Officially Dead” Among other sources, Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the four-team deal to send Carmelo Anthony to the Nets is officially dead, and that the Nets will have to work to repair the broken team-player relationships that were brought out of these talks.
09/29/2010 Carmelo Anthony & The “No-Decision” Plugging my own work here. I was exhausted with rumors. Remember, this is September 29th.
09/30/2010 League Sources: Nets Will Revisit Trade For Anthony Al Iannazzone reports that the Nets will open up discussions with Denver about trading for Carmelo Anthony again, and that different trade scenarios had already been approached. Carmelo Anthony says he’d be happy to play in Denver for the remainder of the season, and Devin Harris knows trade talks could start again “tomorrow” and calls it “business as usual.”
10/04/2010 Anthony: “I Never Said I Wanted To Play For The Nets” In an interview reported by the Denver Post, Carmelo Anthony says that marketing “comes from winning” and that “I never said I wanted to play for the Nets.
Img14087469_tiny 10/06/2010 Nets Still “Most Motivated” To Get ‘Melo Deal Done, Billups May Be On Table Ken Berger cites a source close to the talks who says that the Nets “(have) the assets and (are) the most motivated” to swing a deal for Carmelo Anthony, despite the four-team deal that fell apart a week earlier. Berger also notes that the Nuggets may have to part ways with Chauncey Billups to make the deal possible.
Chris-paul-carmelo-anthonyjpg-e53853f9c98c0e2f_large_tiny 10/14/2010 Proposed Blazers-Hornets-Nuggets-Nets Megadeal Would Have Sent Melo & CP3 To Nets, Nuggets Losing Interest In Favors Al Iannazzone discusses the Blazers’ attempt to include the Hornets in a four-team megadeal that would have sent both Chris Paul & Carmelo Anthony to the New Jersey Nets. Iannazzone notes that “the Nuggets can’t justify trading Anthony for the raw, 19-year-old Favors at this point,” citing his inexperience and poor play in preseason.
20101005__canthony100510b_p1_tiny 10/15/2010 Anthony Still Wants To Be Traded A source “familiar with Anthony’s decision-making” tells Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post that Carmelo Anthony is frustrated with Denver for not trading him to “an East Coast team” yet, preferably New York or New Jersey. Hochman also reports that the Nuggets still desire Derrick Favors in any trade.
10/20/2010 Sheridan: Knicks Making Progress On ‘Melo Deal Chris Sheridan of ESPN New York reports that the “Knicks have made significant progress in recent days in their efforts to acquire Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets…after a period of dormancy following the collapse of a four-team trade late last month between New Jersey, Denver, Utah and Charlotte.” Sheridan also notes that the Nets are becoming less inclined to deal rookie Derrick Favors.
10/20/2010 Knicks-Melo Has “No Legs,” Nets Remain Favorites David Aldridge of NBA.com denounces Chris Sheridan’s report, saying that the Knicks have made no “significant progress” in acquiring Carmelo Anthony. Aldridge adds that the Nets remain the favorites for the star’s services, and mentions Derrick Favors & Devin Harris as trade chips.
10/21/2010 Nets Still In Hot Pursuit Of Anthony, Offering Three Power Forwards One day after Sheridan’s report that the Knicks were in talks with Denver, Al Iannazzone reports that the Nets are still confident that they can get a deal done and are offering Troy Murphy, Derrick Favors, Kris Humphries, and draft picks.
10/22/2010 Berger: Melo Not Afraid To Become Free Agent, Test CBA Ken Berger of CBS Sports cites an anonymous source that says Carmelo Anthony is willing to become a free agent in the offseason, potentially losing millions of dollars with the looming restructure of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
8921714-large_tiny 10/22/2010 King To Beats: “Nothing Is Imminent” Billy King tells New Jersey Nets beat reporters that a deal for Carmelo Anthony is not “imminent” and that while “there’s no secret we’re all talking” there is much more work to be done before a deal is completed.
1288253527_tiny 10/29/2010 Anthony: “It’s A Time For Change” Carmelo Anthony: ”It ain’t got nothing to do with the new GM, Josh, the players. For me, I feel it’s a time for change. If I do nothing now, I’m never going to do anything. I feel like my time is now to make a decision if I want to leave or if I want to stay.”
Nba_a_canthony_sy_576_tiny 10/31/2010 Nets Still In Hot Pursuit, Portland Involved In Three-Team Deal Marc Stein of ESPN reports that the Nets are still in hot pursuit of Carmelo Anthony, and that Portland is trying to make its way into the deal, with their moving pieces including Andre Miller & Nicolas Batum.
11/06/2010 Favors’ Face Re-Added To Ticket Ad For the first time since a trade had seemed inevitable in late September, Devin Kharpertian reported on Twitter that the Nets re-included the likeness of Derrick Favors in their ticket ad on NJNets.com.
11/11/2010 Iannazzone: Nets-Sixers-Nuggets Deal Revisited Al Iannazzone reports that the Nets are still working to acquire Carmelo Anthony, and that Denver reportedly is interested in Andre Iguodala as a Carmelo replacement. Meanwhile, ESPN’s Chris Broussard notes that Ujiri was with Toronto when they lost Chris Bosh, and is unlikely to keep Carmelo past the deadline as a result.
11/16/2010 Vecsey: Nets “Also-Rans,” No Longer In Running For Anthony, Knicks Viable Option Peter Vecsey of the New York Post speculates that the Nets are out of the running for Carmelo Anthony due to their recent struggles and the two years they will spend in Newark, Vecsey includes that the Knicks remain a viable option for Anthony’s services.
11/22/2010 King Meets With Denver Execs, Trying To Deal “Alone” During a Nets loss to the Nuggets in Denver, Billy King traveled with the team to talk about the Carmelo Anthony trade with Denver’s front office. Al Iannazzone reports that the Nets are trying to keep the deal within the two teams, but the Nets are amenable to constructing a multi-team deal. The Nets remain firm on only acquiring Melo with the guarantee of a contract extension.
12/08/2010 Berger: Nuggets Ready To Trade ‘Melo Citing multiple sources, Ken Berger reports that the Nuggets are finally ready to move Carmelo Anthony to another team, and that the Nets’ offer remains the “most attractive option.” Carmelo’s interest in signing an extension with New Jersey remains unclear.
12/10/2010 Nets Have Not Been Told ‘Melo Won’t Sign, Refuse To Give Up Harris Without PG In Return Al Iannazzone reports that the Nets haven’t been told that Carmelo won’t sign an extension with them, and have continued to pursue him as a result. However, the Nets firmly state that they will not trade Devin Harris without a point guard coming back. Meanwhile, Mark Cuban has some choice words for Mikhail Prokhorov, calling him a five-letter euphemism for the female genitalia. (Listen to Naughty By Nature’s O.P.P. for clues.)
12/12/2010 Sheridan: Carmelo Anthony Will Only Sign Extension With Knicks A source tells ESPN New York’s Chris Sheridan in no uncertain terms that Carmelo Anthony will only agree to sign an extension if traded to the New York Knicks. Denver GM Masai Ujiri says he is still “assessing the situation” and that “it’s promising that he (Melo) is still here.”
Carmelo-knicks-1210-600_tiny 12/13/2010 Anthony: Deal Not Imminent, Sheridan Ultimatum Report Incorrect In an interview with FanHouse, Carmelo Anthony says that he does not believe a trade is imminent and that he has never had a conversation with the Nuggets about what teams he would sign an extension with. Sources in the Nuggets organization confirm Anthony’s interview.
Twilliams1_tiny 12/14/2010 Nets Trade Terrence Williams For Sasha Vujacic & First-Round Draft Picks Stockpiling assets for the Carmelo Anthony trade, the New Jersey Nets traded disgruntled shooting guard Terrence Williams in a three-team deal that netted them shooting guard & expiring contract Sasha Vujacic and two additional first-round draft picks. The deal gives the Nets five first-round draft picks over the next three years.
Denverchannel2_tiny 12/15/2010 Denver TV Station Yells Fire In A Carmelo Theater The Denver Channel incorrectly tweets that a deal for Carmelo Anthony has been finalized. The tweet is instantly debunked by numerous national writers, and Anthony himself says he knows “nothing about it.
20101218_105901_nuggets2_tiny 12/18/2010 Anthony: “Wherever I Go, I’m Going To Sign The Extension” In a postgame presser, Carmelo Anthony says cryptically that he’ll sign an extension wherever he “go(es),” and when asked about signing an extension with the Nets afterwards says “I don’t know. I don’t know. I’d have to deal with that when it comes.”
12/20/2010 Nets Closer To Deal, Will Have To Give Up Favors, Ujiri “Listening Aggressively” Marc Stein of ESPN’s Daily Dime reports that the Terrence Williams trade put the Nets in a much better position to acquire Carmelo Anthony, but the Nets will undoubtedly have to relinquish prized rookie Derrick Favors in any deal. Stein also notes that the Nets will still have to sell Anthony on signing an extension.
1292923298_tiny 12/21/2010 Nets Structuring “New Deal” For Anthony, Stand To “Significantly Upgrade” Their Team Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Nets have revamped the deal to acquire Carmelo Anthony, and among other pieces are willing to take on Al Harrington from the Denver Nuggets. The trade is described by an anonymous executive involved as ““a more complex, even bigger deal.”
12/22/2010 Nuggets Put Hold On Trade Talks For Grieving Anthony Denver’s front office decides not to pursue trading Carmelo Anthony over the holiday break out of respect for the star, who is grieving over the death of his sister Michelle.
12/23/2010 Cleveland A Possible Third Team In Anthony Deal Citing an involved source, Al Iannazzone reports that Cleveland could be a third team involved in a deal that would send Carmelo Anthony to the New Jersey Nets. The Cavaliers are an attractive option due to their cap room. Iannazzone also notes that Devin Harris will likely be included in any deal. Meanwhile, Terry Foster of The Detroit News adds that the Pistons are another team involved in the talks.
1293215323_tiny 12/24/2010 Nets Revisit Portland, Covet Miller & Batum Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports reports that the Nets are trying to swing a deal with the Portland Trailblazers to acquire point guard Andre Miller, who was a teammate of Carmelo Anthony’s from 2003-06. The Nets ae also hoping to include Nicolas Batum, but Portland is uneasy about trading their young forward.
12/27/2010 Nets-Cavs-Nuggets Were “Close” To Deal Last Week Citing an anonymous source in the organization, Jason Lloyd of Ohio.com noted that the Nets were close to acquiring Carmelo Anthony the week before, but trade talks stalled over draft picks & the death of Anthony’s sister.
1293756311_tiny 12/30/2010 Frustrated Nets “Substantively Reviewing” Pursuit, Have “Backed Away” After months of frustration, Ken Berger reports that the Nets have “backed off” and are “sick of the charade” regarding the trade talks and are considering moving on without Carmelo Anthony. Adrian Wojnarowski says that the Nuggets are asking for five first-round draft picks and Devin Harris, while the Nets would not receive a point guard in return.
01/01/2011 Nets Revisit Cavaliers, Try To Construct Three-Team Deal Despite earlier reports that the Nets had “backed off” of the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors, Marc Stein of the Daily Dime reports that the Nets are trying to include the Cavaliers in a three-team deal to acquire Carmelo Anthony. However, Cleveland’s desire for prized draft picks & talent overshadows their ability to take on long-term contracts and renders a deal difficult as a result.
Alg_carmelo_anthony_smiles_tiny 01/08/2011 New Mega-Deal Would Send Anthony, Billups, Hamilton to New Jersey Al Iannazzone reports that the Nets are working fervently to construct a three-team megadeal that would send Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, Anthony Morrow, Troy Murphy, and others out of New Jersey and bring in Carmelo Anthony, Richard Hamilton, and Chauncey Billups. As reported later, the deal could involve as many as seventeen players changing uniforms and multiple draft picks being exchanged.
01/08/2011 Spears: Billups Will Seek Buyout If Traded The agent representing Chauncey Billups made clear that if Billups were to be traded with Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey, he would prefer to seek a buyout from the Nets so that he could return to Denver.
1294643190_tiny 01/09/2011 Deal “Close,” Leon Rose Pushing ‘Melo To New Jersey, Chris Paul Could Follow Adrian Wojnarowski (among others) reports that the deal to send Carmelo Anthony to the Nets is “close,” and that Carmelo Anthony’s agent, Leon Rose, is the brains behind this latest three-team deal and is pushing for Hamilton & Billups to join Anthony in Brooklyn. Wojnarowski also notes that Rose & Wesley want Anthony in New Jersey so that he & Chris Paul could open up the Barclays Center in Brooklyn in 2012.
01/10/2011 Nuggets Looking For More, Request Picks, Shedded Salary Chris Broussard of ESPN reports that the deal is “taking shape,” but the Nuggets are requesting an additional first-round pick as well as the Nets taking on the salaries of Renaldo Balkman and Al Harrington. Sources in the league maintain that the deal is “close,” “almost there,” and “on the ten-yard line.”
01/11/2011 Nuggets Put Brakes On Trade Talks, Nets Still Favorites To Make Deal But Progress Impeded Chris Broussard & Marc Stein of ESPN report that the Nuggets have added yet another wrinkle into the deal, and are unhappy with the publicized nature of the trade talks. The Nets are also looking for a fourth team to take on Al Harrington & his long-term contract.
01/13/2011 Source: Nets could acquire Anthony “soon” According to a source talking to Fred Kerber, the Nets could complete the three-team mega-deal to acquire Carmelo Anthony as soon as the weekend.
01/14/2011 Kerber: Deal “90 To 95 Percent Done,” ‘Melo To Be In Nets Uniform Friday Citing sources within the organization, Fred Kerber reports that the Carmelo Anthony deal is near completion and that Anthony should be in a Nets uniform by Friday, January 21st. Anthony would meet with Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov during the week to discuss signing a contract extension.
01/16/2011 Nets Given OK To Talk To Carmelo Anthony David Aldridge of NBA.com reports that the Nets have been granted permission by Denver’s front office to talk with Carmelo Anthony about signing a contract extension with New Jersey. Stefan Bondy tweets that the report is incorrect, but a press conference with Mikhail Prokhorov later in the week confirms that the Nets had a meeting lined up with Anthony.
Carmelo 01/18/2011 ‘Melo “Expects To Be Traded” In an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Ian Thomsen, Carmelo Anthony indicates that he believes he will be dealt soon and that it is a ‘goal’ of his to sign the three-year, $65-million extension with whatever team he ends up playing for. Thomsen also notes that Anthony requested a trade in August to Chicago.
Prokhorov_ts_110119_tiny 01/19/2011 Mikhail Prokhorov Calls Off Trade Talks In a live press conference streamed on NBA.com, Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov said unequivocally that the Nets are “walking away” from the negotiating table, and that the Nets will not be talking with Denver about Carmelo Anthony again. Saying that the price was “too expensive,” that the deal has distracted the team, and that the decision is final “for sure”, Prokhorov’s iron-handedness was viewed from both sides as a final statement or perhaps a negotiating tactic.