Gregg Popovich Tells Danny Green to “shut the f— up” (VIDEO)

With the San Antonio Spurs down 2 to the Nets in overtime and about six seconds separating the shot clock and game clock, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich didn’t want his players to foul.

But Danny Green did, and it sent Popovich off on a tirade caught on YES Network cameras that was, ahem, not for family consumption. Luckily the audio didn’t pick up, but you can see him telling Green, who was presumably trying to explain himself, to “shut the f— up” about 35 seconds in. There’s no substitution for raw Popovich emotion.

The shot clock, which had wound down to 10 when Green fouled, rose back up to 14, forcing the Spurs to either force a turnover or foul the Nets. They ended up doing the former, but couldn’t convert as the clock ran out, and the Nets won 95-93.