The Glue Guys, Playoff Podcast: Indication or Aberration?



The Glue Guys are back for the playoffs! Brian & Mike go around the horn in our latest episode of The Glue Guys on the first ugly game of Nets-Heat, plus on all the latest news around the league.

Start: Kidd’s decision to not play the starters in the 4th quarter in Game 1: right, wrong, or trickery?
13:30: Nets bigs? Who should play against the Heat, and how KG looks.
20:30 Game 1 blowout: indication or aberration?
24:40 Does regular season success translate to the postseason?
30:00 Around the league on: Mark Jackson, Steve Kerr, Andrew Bynum, Lady Gaga & Wizards, and the worst headline in Nets history.