Daily Link: Anthony Morrow Can Shoot

Needing just 21 more three-point field goals to qualify for the NBA all-time record in long-ball marksmanship, Anthony Morrow is the subject of a profile in the Wall Street Journal. In it, Steve Kerr, the current holder of the shooting record, heaps praise on Morrow:

“He’s just got such a beautiful, natural rhythm,” said Mr. Kerr, who is now an analyst for TNT. “He’s one of those guys that could probably shoot when he was six years old. Mr. Kerr said the key for Mr. Morrow is balance. “Without good balance it’s impossible to be consistent,” he said. “He’s got a good base underneath him and he squares his body well.”

Of all the players the Nets picked up in the off-season, Morrow may have the most noticeable impact. Outside of his big shot on opening night – and it was a huge shot mind, you – we haven’t really seen Morrow get into the flow of the offense yet and go off. I think he will soon, especially once Brook Lopez and Devin Harris grasp the idea that they have shooters who can hit shots on the perimeter now and it’s better to pass to one of them than force a shot in a double team.