The Glue Guys: Heat Sweep, Plumlee, Playoff Talk!



Is Mason Plumlee for real? Are the Heat the matchup the Nets want? The Glue Guys are back to help answer those questions! Elliot, Brian, and Mike go around the horn for a podcast recorded right after the end of the Heat-Nets game, when the feeling of the game was still fresh.

Give them a listen above. Rundown below.

StartHEAT SWEEP. Mason Plumlee’s block on LeBron and the season sweep of the Heat.
7:00We went there: are the Bulls or a Heat a worse matchup for the Nets?
20:45The last few weeks: Is blowing a big lead and still winning against the 76ers a secret positive?
24:30News Around the League: Pacers problems continue, David Lee’s injury and the Warriors playoff prospects, and the Joe Dumars era: a retrospective.
47:00Killer Komparisons: CHEESE!