Jason Collins called his dunk on the bench

Collins Dunk

Collins Dunk

He’s not exactly Babe Ruth, but Jason Collins made his own shot call Friday night.

Before entering a Nets blowout over the Cleveland Cavaliers, Jason Collins made a boastful prediction on the bench. According to Deron Williams, Collins called to his bench mates that he was going to dunk at some point in his three-minute stint, and Joe Johnson didn’t believe him.

“He told Joe he was going to dunk,” Williams said after the game. “I don’t know how he called that.”

After the dunk, Collins pointed to Johnson, making sure he’d seen it.

Dunk conversation has followed Williams this season. Earlier this year, Williams threw down a one-handed dunk that hit the back of the rim before falling, leading to some team debate about whether or not it was actually a dunk. But tonight, Williams threw down a clean two-handed flush, the type that leaves no confusion over terminology.

Apparently, the team debate was over who’s dunk was better — Collins or Williams. “(Collins is) seven feet, so he has the advantage,” Kidd said after the game. “But I don’t know if anybody’s going to pay to see them in the dunk contest.”

After some laughter, Williamsa dded “Deron’s healthy, he looks great. That’s a dunk. And Jason Collins’s was a dunk. So you guys can’t get me in trouble with that.

But the team’s seven-foot backup center wasn’t so lucky. “Collins is the one we’re debating,” Williams said with a smile.