Gerald Wallace: I was the scapegoat

Former Brooklyn Nets forward Gerald Wallace said at Nets shootaround that he doesn’t care about last season, but made it clear that he’s still harboring some feelings about signing a four-year extension and then being traded within a year to a team that couldn’t be more obviously tanking, according to the New York Daily News.

“(The Nets) have to point the finger at somebody like I was the guy to take the blame,” Wallace told the Daily News before Brooklyn’s 82-80 victory. “And that was the reason I was traded.”

Wallace goes on to say that he was upset that the Nets didn’t bother to call him before trading him — they couldn’t even let him know it was a possibility.

Wallace, now a member of the Boston Celtics, simply said: “after 13 years in the league, you need to move on.”

New York Daily News — Celtics’ Gerald Wallace says he was Nets scapegoat