Game 8 Preview Vs. Philadelphia 76ers

One more step.  That’s all the Nets need to take to get a win tonight.  They went from not playing well in the third quarter to not playing well in the 4th.  Some of it probably has to do with the fact that they are only dressing eight players, so three days of rest probably did wonders for them (not being sarcastic at all).  With a Florida trip at Miami and at Orlando, the Nets need a win tonight against the Sixers to ensure that they won’t start the season with a double digit losing streak

Nets Starting Lineup

  1. PG – Rafer Alston
  2. SG – Trenton Hassell
  3. SF – Bobby Simmons
  4. PF – Eduardo Najera
  5. C – Brook Lopez

Sixers Starting Lineup

  1. PG –  Louis Williams
  2. SG – Andre Iguodala
  3. SF – Thaddeus Young
  4. PF – Elton Brand
  5. C – Samuel Dalembert

Their Mismatches

Thaddeus Young vs. Bobby Simmons – The Nets would be smart to put Trenton Hassell on Andre Iguodala since he is the better defender of the two.  That leaves Thaddeus Young for Bobby Simmons.  Thaddeus is a big guy who can use his dribble to get to the whole and he can hit the jumper consistently.   He will be a handfull for Simmons.

Our Mismatches

Brook Lopez vs. Samuel Dalembert – Brook Lopez was 10-13 from the outside last game.  If he can hit at least 50% of his jumpers, he will end up stretching out Dalembert which will allow him to be more comfortable in the post.  Let’s see if the Nets use Boone in the screen and roll again tonight.  It was successful in limited use last game.

Matchup Of The Night

Elton Brand vs. Eduardo Najera Elton Brand and Eduardo Najera will battle in the “guys coming back from big time injury” matchup tonight.  I actually might like Najera’s chances tonight, considering, Brand won’t outquick or overathletic him, he will try to muscle Najera, and Najera loves that.

Keys To Victory

Make Shots – Same as last game, if they can hit shots, the Sixers need to respect it, and that clears the lane for Brook Lopez.  When Brook Lopez has room to work, he is good.

Keep Skip To My Lou Far Away – Skip to My Lou is the turnover prone Rafer Alston.  He made his first appearance against Boston, and he really hurt the team.  He needs to pick it up against Philly.

Stop The Three – The Sixers have shot 30.8% from 3 this year.  Their first game against New Jersey?  Against New Jersey, they shot 50%.  It has been a running theme all year, and yet, the Nets can’t figure out how to stop it.


Current Prediction Record: 4-3

This is it, the game the Nets win.  I think they take this one, and end the losing streak.  Just a gut feeling.

Programming Note

I will be over at the Daily Dime tonight again so if you want to get your fill of Nets chat, head over there.  I will be around these parts, so anywhere you want to comment is good.  Now, another issue for those who listened to the WHEN stream, how’d I do?