Game 6 Preview Vs. Philadelphia 76ers

One strange thing that I have noticed in terms of the Nets schedule is that they have played a pretty front loaded schedule.  The Nets are already playing their 6th game, while the Sixers are on their fifth.  Tomorrow will be their second home/away back-to-back game.  With all of the injuries, these games will probably really take their toll on the guys.  After Saturday though, we get three days off, so hopefully CDR can be back by then.  Speaking of that, it will be interesting to see where the team gets its scoring from, now that they have 3 opening day back-ups starting for them.  At the PF spot, look for a Najera/Boone/Sean Williams rotation, with one of these guys backing up Brook.  Thankfully, the Nets are short on SFs too, so Simmons should be playing there instead of at the 4.

Nets Starting Lineup

  1. PG – Rafer Alston
  2. SG – Courtney Lee
  3. SF – Terrence Williams.
  4. PF – Eduardo Najera
  5. C – Brook Lopez

Sixers Starting Lineup

  1. PG –  Louis Williams
  2. SG – Andre Iguodala
  3. SF – Thaddeus Young
  4. PF – Elton Brand
  5. C – Samuel Dalembert

Their Mismatches

Thaddeus Young vs. Terrence Williams – As the man on the forefront of the Terrence Williams bandwagon, it pains me to put Terrence Williams here for his first career start, but that is how it goes.  Thaddeus is bigger, heavier, and stronger than Terrence Williams, and he should have his way with him on the offensive end.

Our Mismatches

Brook Lopez vs. Samuel Dalembert – It is funny how things work.  A few years ago, Samuel Dalembert was an up and coming center in the weak east, and now he is one of the most over-paid centers in the NBA.  Brook Lopez can muscle up into Dalembert, get into his body, and negate his athleticism.  If Brook can fend off the double teams, he should have a big night.

Matchup Of The Night

Elton Brand vs. Eduardo Najera Elton Brand and Eduardo Najera will battle in the “guys coming back from big time injury” matchup tonight.  I actually might like Najera’s chances tonight, considering, Brand won’t outquick or overathletic him, he will try to muscle Najera, and Najera loves that.

Keys To Victory

Make Shots – It seems simple, but the Nets haven’t been able to do it all year, and tonight, they are missing one of their best scorers in CDR.  If the Nets can make shots, they can score and open the court for Brook Lopez which makes them even better.

Run, Run, and Run some more – The Sixers aren’t too deep right now.  They only have 6 guys playing over 20 minutes per game, and after Marreese Speights, there best player is Jason Kapono.  While he is a great shooter, he’s not the guy you want being the second guy off the bench.  If we can get the Sixers tired or in foul trouble, the Nets have a better chance at winning the game.


Current Prediction Record: 2-3

I was this close to picking the Nets here.  This close!  I don’t know why, but I think the Nets will rally together and go after this game, and pick up a win.  That being said, I picked the Sixers here.

Quick Programming Note

I will once again be chatting over at Daily Dime on ESPN.  I will be around here too, so feel free to chat here, but I would like to see some Nets fans take over ESPN tonight!