Game 41 Preview vs. Phoenix Suns

After tonight, the season will be exactly have way done for the Nets, and we only have three wins right now.  Wow…I knew we wouldn’t have a lot of wins, but this is crazy.  Anyway, against the Suns, I like the Nets chances of keeping it close.  The Suns are coming in on a four game losing streak (doesn’t it seem like the Nets are always going up against teams that are struggling, yet they get destroyed?).  The Suns love to run up and down the floor and shoot the three, if they are making their shot, the Nets are in trouble.  If not, the Nets have a chance, even if they fall behind early.  The Suns are notorious for getting big leads and squandering them because they don’t change their style of play.  They are running and gunning all game long.  Onto the lineups!

Devin Harris vs. Steve Nash

This is going to be a very tough match-up for Steve Nash.  Nash loves to penetrate and explore options.  Despite his speed, Devin Harris has trouble stopping penetration.  I think Nash could put up a 15+ assist game tonight if his teammates are hitting shots.

Advantage:  Steve Nash

Courtney Lee vs. Jason Richardson

Jason Richardson is having a pretty good year, but he has really turned into more of a spot up shooter as he ages.  He is shooting 38% from three, so you need to close out on him.  He can still drive though, but he looks for his shot more than anything.  I think Lee will be able to contain him, especially if Lee is aggressive on the offensive end, forcing Richardson to work on both sides of the court.

Advantage:  Jason Richardson

Chris Douglas-Roberts vs. Grant Hill

CDR has really been lacking an aggression the past couple of games, and I hope that changes tonight.  Hill is a great comeback story, but he doesn’t have the legs to keep up with an aggressive CDR.  If CDR decides to attack the basket, I can see him having a pretty big game.

Advantage:  Push

Yi vs. Amar’e Stoudemire

This is going to be a tough match-up for Yi on both ends.  Amar’e is athletic enough to keep with Yi on the outside and strong enough not to let him post up on the inside.  Plus on the offensive end, Amar’e is just a monster on the low block.  Yi is going to be in trouble here.

Advantage:  Amar’e Stoudemire

Brook Lopez vs. Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez got the first start of his career last game and he responded by putting up a career high 19 points.  The Suns inserted Robin Lopez in place of Channing Frye because they want to add a little bit of size.  Frye still will be getting a lot of minutes, and he is still very dangerous from 3.  I would imagine that when Frye enters, Yi will match-up on him and Brook will match up to Stoudemire.

Advantage:  Brook Lopez