ESPN’s Chad Ford: Avery “next to go if things don’t improve”

Stefan (Denmark)

Avery Johnson… Not a fan! How would the Nets look like, with Stan Van Gundy as their coach? I mean, besides removing the 0.000% chance of Dwight Howard coming to Brooklyn.

Chad Ford (1:20 PM)

He’ll be the next to go if things don’t improve. The Nets are stuck with this roster. They don’t have any real flexibility to make deals. So … coach will be the one to go. Van Gundy is a great choice, but you may be right. I think the Nets still hold out some hope that Dwight Howard will find a way to get there. If he does, Van Gundy can’t be the one waiting for him.

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For what it’s worth, the organization — outside of Deron Williams’ comments about the limited offense — has been unwaveringly behind Johnson for the past three seasons, up to and including this year. Prokhorov and King have not made any mention that Johnson’s job is even in the slightest hint of danger, nor have their been any anonymous reports from within the organization that suggest Johnson’s job is in trouble.

But where there’s smoke, there’s fire. No one can be pleased with the losses the Nets have faced so far this season, and with even more pressure on tonight in Manhattan, you can believe that win or lose, every one of Johnson’s moves and decisions will be acutely scrutinized.