ESPN’s Doolittle Forecasts Nets as 13th Best in East

In the latest look at NBA teams post-offseason, ESPN Insider Brandon Doolittle does not see a good season in the works for Brooklyn.

Doolittle breaks down each roster’s players under the following categories: elite, superstars, upper-tier starters, starters, second-unit, and deep reserves. He gives this Nets roster one upper-tier starter (Brook Lopez), with the rest of the unit falling under the category of second-unit and deep reserves.

“The more I look at it,” Doolittle writes, “the more I think the Net will be truly putrid this season. But they do have Brook Lopez.”

Doolittle’s system comes from a statistic called WARP (Wins About Replacement) – a percentage given to each player based on the projected individual winning percentage for next season. Elite’s score a .739 or better, superstar .646 to .739, upper-tier starter .600 to .645, starter .505 to .599, second-unit .426 to .504, deep reserve .425 or less and fringe is any player with 300 or less minutes played.

Sounds a bit harsh to me. Joe Johnson has to at least be a starter, right?

Check the above link for the full article, but of course, you have to be an insider only.