Embarrassing: Sixers 106, Nets 97 (Game Grades)


Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Can’t pin this loss on Williams — he was as bad defensively as everyone else, but a sublime offensive performance that saw Williams attacking the rim even more, hitting threes, finding teammates for open shots (particularly in the first quarter)… He can’t do it alone, but for a moment, he gave it a shot.


Hit two threes in the first quarter but was mostly quiet until the fourth (outside of one ridiculous post-up fadeaway in the third quarter), when he took over for a brief stretch of possessions to help keep the game close. Hit a big 3 late, but followed it up with two misses, including a 28-foot ill-advised brick. Incredibly efficient offensive game, but his impact only went so far.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

I’ve criticized Wallace’s inability to score before, and tonight was no exception, but sat the whole fourth quarter while the Sixers rained baskets and I’m not sure why.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Hit jumpers early, including two nutso fadeaways, but had trouble keeping up with Spencer Hawes — Spencer Hawes! — running the floor and the pick-and-roll. Defensive abhorrence aside, after a 7-9 first quarter, Lopez got just four more field goal attempts. It’s a problem.


Yeah, not his best night.


On back-to-back plays, Reggie Evans scored with his left hand off a spin move and hit a sixteen-foot jumper. That should give you an idea of how relatively absurd tonight’s Reggie Evans show was. And it wasn’t all good; Evans’s night was marred by careless turnovers, poor shot selection (which is most shots for Evans), and a terrible play near the end of the game where he goaltended a Spencer Hawes shot after freezing at the top of the key that Hawes was fouled on, leading to a pointless and-one. It may be time for the “glue Kris Humphries to the bench” experiment to end.