Daily Link(s): Mikhail Prokhorov Is Here And A Psychic Predicts The Lottery

Two really solid links this morning.  First the great Jared Wade (who writes for HardwoodParoxysm.com and EightPointsNineSeconds.com) wrote up a little something on Mikhail Prokhorov forh his site Bothteamsplayedhard.net:

Mikhail Prokhorov, the $13-billion man who is now officially the new owner of the Nets and a guy Bill Simmons has dubbed the Russian Mark Cuban, has good news for Nets fans. Your favorite team will be in the Playoffs next season and will also soon win a title. This, too, will probably happen next year, but you can never be sure what the future will hold so it’s possible it might take up to five years. He explains it all in the video below. Sorry for the wait.

(Mostly, I think this is awesome because it reminded me of that fantastic, long-ago SLAM magazine cover story: “Generation Nets: Champs by 2001. Count on It.”)

Wade also breaks out the Google Translator and has at it with Prokhorov’s personal blog.  Some really good stuff.  While Wade had his attention on Prokhorov, the guys at The Basketball Jones were focused on the lottery and they went to see a psychic to figure out how things play out.  Click the link to see the video, but the psychic says, “New York or close by.”